What is BitSale?

Well, our about page really spells out who and what we are about. Right now, though, BitSale is just a dream. One in which people can freely, anonymously, and without concern for outside forces engage in business transactions. Yes, right now people seem intent on tying the value of BitCoin (and other cryptocurrencies) up with ‘real world’ fiat currencies (USD, GBP, RUR, FRC, HUF, etc.) but we believe that the real value of currencies like BitCoin are found in its value as a medium to go about our daily lives in. The more places it can be used without having to translate it to some other currency the more valuable it becomes. That won’t happen though until people can really engage in this sort of transaction. This is the dream behind BitSale.

Sure, we have CoinDL, and it seems like a good site, until you try and register as a seller (or, as they term it, a Supplier) or an affiliate. Slow and unresponsive with little recourse except to wait. Until we launch BitSale. We are going to try and automate the process as much as we can, using user-feedback to find and remove objectionable content while promoting worthwhile goods and services. BitSale will be just another failed attempt at legitimizing cryptocurrency unless “We the People”(™) stand up and say, “This is what we want, and we will not give up without a fight.”

No matter the motivation behind your involvement with BitCoin, it’s future lies in all of us banding together and telling the Big Banks and Big Governments, we have had enough.

Right now, though, we need your help to crowd fund BitSale. I’m expecting an initial cost of about $930 USD (around 13BTC as of last night, some of which will need to be in real-world fiat currency, unfortunately), though with some other considerations (such as one year of advertising through Google AdSense and other venues, it could go up). I need to talk with my web developer and see how feasible a “pay for premium listing” would increase costs for him to create the site. If we can make this a profitable venture, and we can show web hosting companies and domain registrars that the risk of using BTC is worth it, we could eventually pay all of our costs in BTC or LTC or some other cryptocurrency instead of having to use an exchange like Mt. Gox or BitStamp.

I look forward to seeing you at the site on launch day. Until then, keep us bookmarked for future updates and news errata effecting cryptocurrency in general.

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