Been a Few Days

I imagine with all the talk of what we are wanting to do, you are probably wondering how. Of course while a ground-up solution may be called for, what point is there when their exists a service to fill the need? Of course I’m talking about how the wallet service that has agreed to essentially be our back-end. I would like to introduce to you I won’t attempt to sum up what makes them so special, I’ll let their own FAQ speak for them.

If you have noticed our tip link at the end of most posts, you’ll see that I use them in addition to my offline wallet. With an established wallet service run by the same people who run CoinLenders, we figure this is a partnership that cannot lose.

We also plan to automate as much of the process of account approvals (for sellers and network affiliates) as we can and, through a user feedback system, be self-policing against inappropriate and illegal content. Most likely this will also mean we will have to set up someone to accept and review DMCA take-down notices. To be an effective service, we cannot ignore the realities of the world we live in, regardless if we agree with the laws as they exist. One of those realities is in copyright law and how it’s (ab)used. In order for us to offer the best service we can, we have to tread the waters very carefully but this doesn’t mean you the seller needs to be hampered as well, especially if you’re just selling your own creations.

That’s all I have for you folks today, I really hope you’ll consider a tip to help us get going.

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